PostHeaderIcon Investment Strategy for Retirement (Part 1)

Certainly not too many people in their 20s are thinking about retirement. At this stage in your life, you’ve recently graduated from college and busy navigating your career to gain professional experience. Unfortunately, unlike your parents’ generation, employers no longer offer retirement pension plans. Nowadays, the burden is on you to invest in your own retirement funds. Forget about social security; by the time many people reach retirement age, monthly benefits would be reduced by 21% beginning year 2034 according to the Motley Fool. Thus, we definitely can’t rely on Uncle Sam to help us in our golden years. The U.S. government can’t even balance the country’s budget and currently, the national debt is almost $20 trillion. That’s a liability of $166K debt per tax payer according to US Debt Clock.

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PostHeaderIcon Possible blue chip stocks to buy in the Philippine stock market using the Graham Number (For the year 2015)

Last month (August 2015) The Philippine stock market plunged 6.7%, wiping out this year’s record gains mainly due to the impact of China’s slowing economy. The PSEi, the Philippines benchmark index closed down 487.97 points to 6,791.01, the largest 1-day drop since June 2013.

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PostHeaderIcon Buying Stocks or Buying Land?

Our second week class for CSS (Certified Securities Specialist) has just ended earlier. For me, it provided a lot of learning and refreshes my mind about financial statistics and math investment. I was a little excited in attending yesterday (Friday) for the start of our second week. I ask myself, why I felt such an excitement. My mind just shut out, then I tried to rationalize, probably it is because it is my desire to learn more about the field I am interested in (Financial Planning). After the class earlier, I found the real answer; the topic was an amazing one. Expecting the best to happen really provides such excitement.

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PostHeaderIcon Important Lessons From The Millionaire Next Door

When we think of the rich, we often picture the affluent living in mansions, driving expensive foreign cars and lavish vacations as portrayed by the media, but our perception of the affluent has been distorted by high consumption driven advertisements and Hollywood. Based on years of extensive research, Dr. Thomas J. Stanley and Dr. William D. Danko, discovered that people who live in expensive neighborhoods across the United States have actually very little wealth. Their book, The Millionaire Next Door, surprisingly reveals that those with great wealth, the multi-millionaires, could be one of your neighbors who lives in the same modest house for years and drives an old sedan. How could this be? Well, looks can be deceiving and it’s unfortunate that our society associates wealth and success with appearance, but this is an ineffective indicator of a person’s net worth (assets minus liabilities).

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PostHeaderIcon Learn To Earn – A Book review (Highly recommended for newbie investors)

A lot of people oftentimes would ask me this question – How should I start investing ? I would often tell them that learning to invest takes time and that an investing rule of the thumb is never invest in what you don’t know know or understand. This could be well said about investing itself. Never start investing if you don’t understand what it is all about.

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PostHeaderIcon Top 10 stock market investing comic strip and cartoons

Stock market investing is serious business wealth is made and is dissipated in a matter of minutes or hours in stocks and the never ending cycle of bear and bull up and down is always there. However this does not mean that we can’t inject a little humor into it. We may loss money in the market or gain a lot but the important thing is that we continue to smile and enjoy living life after all its just money and material possessions and the greatest teacher once said “Beware of covetousness for a man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the thing which a man posesseth”

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PostHeaderIcon Stock market investing seminar with focus on value investing in Cebu

The UpStart Stock Market Investing Workshop, unlike other lecture-type events (where you go home not remembering a thing), is a more hands-on and dynamic learning experience where the participants will really get to go through the actual process of determining which company/ies is/are winning investment/s!

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