Benjamin Graham, father of value investing

About the Polymath Investors

The Polymath Investors is one of the first few updated value investing blogs in Asia and probably the only updated value investing blog in the Philippines where you can learn stock market investing through intelligent investing that makes business sense.

The stock market investing strategies are very different from what most stock market players advocate. The strategies featured here are mainly value investing principles more specifically inclined with what are perceived to be Warren Buffett’s style of investing. Other value investing strategies by great value investors such as Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch, John Boggle among others are also featured.

The blog was started sometime in August of 2009. However in January of 2010 the blog suffered a major blog breakdown. That is the reason why the earliest entries you can see was made on February of 2010.

The blog used to be called “The Guerilla investor” however it was renamed later on as D’ Intelligent Investor in order to further reflect the Grahamanian principles of intelligent investing from a business perspective. Recently the blog was renamed to “The Polymath investor” to conform to the bloggers’ personal identity and brand in the blogsphere.

From time to time topics on business and personal finance are discussed in relation to stock market investing.

Recently articles with inputs on personal finance and investing with first world countries audience in mind will be posted from time to time brought about by another polymath investor who is a United States based financial and investment blogger, hence the blog was renamed again to become “THE POLYMATH INVESTORS.”

From a purely stock market investing blog, the Polymath Investors has evolved to become a general investing and finance blog with the bloggers’ own investing and finance “flavour” added to the general principles of finance and investing. As to what this “flavor” of investing and finance is, read more to find out. 😀

The blog not only aims reach Asian and American audiences but also readers from all over the globe.

About the bloggers

ZMDHaving literally read thousands of pages and several books on Warren Buffett and value investing and on personal finance, Zigfred Diaz decided to start an investing blog that would advocate a different kind of stock market investing strategy and experience. Being an investor and a business person himself and armed with close to 10 years of stock market investing experience he writes from his own personal experience and from the collective wisdom of value investors throughout the ages. Currently Zigfred has just finished training to become a Registered Financial Planner.

As a businessman he has several business interest and is currently the Vice president for operations of a medium sized holding company that owns several business interests.

He is also a lawyer and has published a popular 4 volume law reviewer known as the Lex Pareto notes and has also published several free ebooks. He formerly taught  business law subject at the Cebu Institute of Technology currently he is a professor of law at the Southwestern University School of law. As a blogger he regularly writes in different blogs. His personal blog can be found at he also actively blogs about anthropology archaeology and travel at and writes about technology at  Zigfred is also the pastor-teacher of The Master’s Community Fellowship (, a Southern Baptist-Reformed church in his local community.



Iris Daclan is an avid investor for the past 10 years and has a passion for helping people with their personal finance including retirement planning and investing.

She has an MBA with specializations in Finance and Accounting.

Currently, she works as a Financial Manager with the U.S. Department of Defense.


Serge BargayoSerge Barcenas Bargayo is a Personal Finance Coach based in Cebu. He specializes in Personal Financial Planning who help individuals (especially breadwinners) mapping customized solutions for their financial puzzles and achieve financial peace. He can be your Professional Partner for life in doing step by step financial planning. A graduate at the University of San Carlos–Technological Center with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and was a Working Scholar.

He organizes the first Registered Financial Planner (RFP) in-house in Cebu last Feb, 2015 and continues to organize RFP seminars in Cebu. You can get in touch with Serge through social media at his Facebook account at and through linkedin at