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PostHeaderIcon Top 10 stock market investing comic strip and cartoons

Stock market investing is serious business wealth is made and is dissipated in a matter of minutes or hours in stocks and the never ending cycle of bear and bull up and down is always there. However this does not mean that we can’t inject a little humor into it. We may loss money in the market or gain a lot but the important thing is that we continue to smile and enjoy living life after all its just money and material possessions and the greatest teacher once said “Beware of covetousness for a man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the thing which a man posesseth”

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PostHeaderIcon Warren Buffett buys “The Polymath Investor” for one million dollars !

I’ve been in negotiations with Berkshire Hathaway representatives for the past few months on them buying this website. I’ve kept mum about it and I’ve decided not to say a word until the negotiations has become final. Finally, Warren Buffett and I have come to terms to buy my blog, “The Polymath Investor” !

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PostHeaderIcon How the stock market really works

I remember when I was in high school I saw a movie wherein there were several people standing in front of giant screens shouting. A lot of them were busy talking to the phones and shouting at other people. Most of them have this small slip of paper and there were those who were writing on pieces of papers as if taking orders. I didn’t know how exactly to describe it at first. It was like a demonstration or a political rally, or perhaps it was more like a restaurant where people are so hungry that they are scrambling to have the orders taken and the waiters were taking their orders as fast as they could.   People were shouting and screaming. Some were cursing. There were days when people would be jubilant and clapped their hands.

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PostHeaderIcon Hitler furious for selling stocks prematurely

We take a break in our very serious discussion on the stock market. Investing in the stock market may be serious business but it could also be lots of fun and you could get lots of laugh from the mistakes and the stupidity that stock market players exhibit from time to time.

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