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PostHeaderIcon Possible blue chip stocks to buy in the Philippine stock market using the Graham Number (For the year 2015)

Last month (August 2015) The Philippine stock market plunged 6.7%, wiping out this year’s record gains mainly due to the impact of China’s slowing economy. The PSEi, the Philippines benchmark index closed down 487.97 points to 6,791.01, the largest 1-day drop since June 2013.

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D’ Intelligent investor is one of the first few updated value investing blogs in Asia and probably the only updated value investing blog in the Philippines where you can learn stock market investing through intelligent investing that makes business sense. The stock market investing strategies are very different from what most stock market players advocate. The strategies featured here are mainly value investing principles more specifically inclined with what are perceived to be Warren Buffett’s style of investing. Other value investing strategies by great value investors such as Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch, John Boggle among others are also featured.