PostHeaderIcon Reasons why you should use value investing when investing in the stock market – Part 1

“Investing is most intelligent when it is most businesslike” These nine important words probably summarizes in a nutshell the value investing theory.

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PostHeaderIcon Stock Market Investing Reader Mail #4 – Should you invest in an IPO ? – Part 2

Let me continue answering a question dropped by one of our readers on whether or not investing in an IPO is good or not.

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PostHeaderIcon Stock Market Investing Reader Mail #4 – Should you invest in an IPO ? – Part 1

One of our readers asked me the following questions: “How about those companies doing an IPO, are they good to invest at? You will become one of the firsts to buy their stocks, does it mean that the share price is initially cheap?

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PostHeaderIcon Advice to new stock market investors

If someone told you that you could make tons of money by investing in the stock market, would you run out to take out a cash advance and start investing without first learning the ropes?

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PostHeaderIcon The Intelligent Investor’s desiderata

Go placidly amid the market noise, rumors and the haste, and remember what peace and riches are there may be in less market activity and silence.

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PostHeaderIcon Using Your Head: Payday Loans A Tool for the Independent Thinker and Investor

Just as technical analysis is easily shown to fail at guiding investments toward overall gains, there are other flaws in what passes for conventional wisdom in investing. Payday loans provide one example of such misguided advice.

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PostHeaderIcon Stock market investing Reader Mail #3 – Tax Consequences of stock market investing in the Philippines

I apologize to readers of this blog as it took me a long time to write a new post again. I had been very busy wearing my other hats. But rest assured that I will never fail to put on my blogger’s hat once in a while, especially when it comes to blogging about stock market investing as I not only view this as an avenue to make money, but I consider it as one of my passions.

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