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The UpStart Stock Market Investing Workshop, unlike other lecture-type events (where you go home not remembering a thing), is a more hands-on and dynamic learning experience where the participants will really get to go through the actual process of determining which company/ies is/are winning investment/s!

The venue will be Cebu City Sports Club, on October 22, 2011, 8am to 5pm.

Learning investment is just Php3,000 for the whole day event, payment deadline is Oct. 14 (Friday).

The fee includes workshop materials, as well as morning snacks, lunch, and afternoon snacks.

It will be a whole day event where the participants will be guided from scratch on how to look for stocks that the investors can buy, and stay invested with peace of mind regardless of what the short-term market environment is/will be.

We will guide them throughout the process–where to get the data, how to organize it, what are the methods to use to know what a stock is worth and how to apply those methods to reach a decision either to buy, hold, or sell a stock.We will be rolling our sleeves up and start DOING what every stock market investor SHOULD do.

NO MORE staring on the powerpoint slides,

NO MORE just listening to speakers flaunting what they know and what THEY SAY they do.

The focus is finding the value of the company — what a stock is worth?
When you know the answer to that, you’ll know at what price to buy, you’ll know at what price to sell, you’ll know how long can you afford to wait.

The best part is, we don’t have to get nervous when the stock market is falling.

With what we’ll do together in the workshop, we’ll just buy the stock, sit it out regardless of market action, and sell it when the price reaches its value! Talk about relaxed investing! 🙂

Since it is a workshop, we highly encourage participants to bring their own laptops to maximize their benefit from the event. That way, they can apply instantly the learning as they come, and ask questions on the spot! 🙂 It definitely is highly encouraged, but not required.

We promise you when you attend the seminar, you will become so good in anlayzing stocks ! No more need for financial translation !

For more info, please contact Mr. Rey Acebo —, 0933-406-6198, 0918-555-2413, 0926-732-0331

Or me, Aaron Say,, 0922-8229767
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6 Responses to “Stock market investing seminar with focus on value investing in Cebu”

  • Ben42 says:


    Good day! i always visit your site if ever i find time to browse blogs about financial planning.How i wish naa unta ko diha sa Cebu but im out of the country ( im in Saudi) . I do still hope that when i will have my vacation next year ( March 2012 ) there will be more seminars to be conducted. I already start investing in the stock market but in peso cost averaging and i want learn more… thank you for your articles and may God bless you more.

  • nestie says:

    i like the concept on this seminar, being hands on, but do they have any seminar offering for people who are working abroad like me

  • zigfred says:

    Nestie: I guess you have to contact them for that

  • zigfred says:

    Ben42: Thanks for dropping by Ben. For the seminar, you would have to contact the organizers. I attended the seminar myself and it was very informative. God bless you too !

  • Ivan says:

    Hi there,

    I was glad that I stumbled on your blog..

    I was interested and i’ve decided to try investing in stock market. but I have to know the basic first…as based on experience, I learn more in listening/ Q and A type…I have some difficulty understanding numbers>>>hehee…

    Meron po bang schedule ng seminar IN Visayas or Mindanao?…

  • Wow! Would you know if there’s going to be another one? Hopefully here in Metro Manila?

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